Saturday, November 19, 2016

What the Navy says about the 'mystery' plane over Denver

DENVER - Many people contacted 9NEWS on Thursday asking about a “mystery” plane they saw flying over Denver.

Navy spokesperson Lt. Leslie Hubbell says the plane was a E-6B Mercury that was traveling from Travis Air Force Base in California to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

She says it did spend some time over Denver, but didn’t say why.

Hubbell says it’s “normal” for these planes to fly like this, and directed questions about the pattern to the Federal Aviation Administration.

When 9NEWS contacted the FAA, a spokesperson said they don’t comment on military operations.

So part of the mystery plane remains a mystery.

As for the E-6B Mercury, the Navy’s website says it’s a communications relay and strategic airborne command post aircraft that costs a cool $141.7 million.

Its primary function, according to the website, is to relay fleet ballistic missile submarines and serve as a command post for U.S. Strategic Forces.

You can read more about the plane here:


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