Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pasadena Police Helicopter Crew Use Their Night Vision Equipment to Coordinate Daring Night Rescue for Lost Father and Son Mountain Biker

The Pasadena Police Department’s Airship equipped with night vision technology responded to a call of lost father and son late Friday night high in the foothills of Monrovia.

On November 25th., Pasadena Police Pilot Cpl. Polimeni and his Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) Myles, were called to the City of Monrovia to assist with the search for two lost mountain bikers, a man and his 7 year old son. The two had started out in the Mt Baldy area earlier that day and had become lost in the mountainous terrain for over 13 hours.

Given the nighttime condition, flying into this terrain would have been considered too dangerous in the past. However due to the airship’s night vision technology, the crew responded without delay to assist in the search.

With limited information, the air crew, Pilot, Cpl. Polimeni and TFO Myles began an exhaustive search starting at the base of the hills in Monrovia. The search continued as Monrovia Police Dispatch attempted to contact the victims by cell phone. Eventually, Pasadena Air Crew spotted the father’s position (heat signature) through the use of night vision goggles and subsequently provided the coordinates for the pair. Given the terrain, the air crew was unable to land but instead directed in the LA County Search and Rescue team to their position.

“Our Pilot Cpl. Polimeni and TFO Myles, once again, underscore the value of the Pasadena Helicopter Program. I am grateful for this tremendous resource and, equally important the talented staff members who keep our birds airborne.” Said Police Chief Phillip Sanchez.


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