Monday, June 06, 2016

Summer Airmanship Training begins at Academy

Kathryn's Report:


Residents who live and work on the north side of Colorado Springs will likely notice an increase in the number of aircraft flying overhead as summer heats up. The US Air Force Academy's Summer Airmanship Program began in earnest Monday.  

More than 1,000 cadets are expected to receive training from the 306th Flying Training Group on how to pilot various gliders, small aircraft and to how to conduct parachute operations.

These training flights are typically scheduled Monday through Friday from sunrise to sunset between early June and early August.

The Academy said in a news release they have increased coordination with military units flying routine missions around the Colorado Springs area to help expose cadets to Air Force flying missions.

"Airmanship programs not only expose many cadets to the fundamentals of flying, but more importantly, provide unique leadership and character development opportunities, ultimately motivating many cadets to pursue rated careers in our Air Force," said Colonel Steven Burgh, 306th Flying Training Group commander.  

"Community support is essential to the success of the Academy's Airmanship mission. We sincerely appreciate the continued cooperation and support of our neighbors in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities."

The Academy updated the flightpaths for these training missions in 2013. If you're curious about where those are and what types of planes the cadets will be flying, visit the flight operations page.

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