Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Accident occurred April 05, 2016 in Velma, Stephens County, Oklahoma

An ultralight aircraft crash in Velma Monday night left a man injured.

A Stephens County Sheriff’s Office call log report states deputies along with first responders from the city of Velma responded to the 100 block of Chaparral in Velma to an ultralight plane crash in a resident’s backyard.

The report also states an air evacuation medical team was called to the scene.

County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said his deputies went to the scene to assist VPD, who is in charge of the investigation.

“(The victim) had serious injuries,” he said. “I think he had head injuries, thoracic injuries, just multiple trauma from the crash. The crash was in the backyard of a residence.”

Attempts to contact the Velma Fire and Police Department were not answered as of press time.

McKinney said the aircraft was a small one-man flying apparatus.

“This looks like a little plane where the occupant sits outside and not enclosed in a cockpit area,” he said. “There’s a small engine on it. It’s a very slow flying aircraft – 20-30 miles per hour. They’re are not classified as an airplane.”

The U.S. Ultralight Association states on their website the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has chosen not to promote Federal regulations regarding pilot certification, vehicle certification and vehicle registration, preferring that the ultralight community assume the initiative for the development of these important safety programs.

“The ultralight community has taken positive action and developed programs almost two decades ago gaining FAA approval for their implementation,” states the site. “FAA does not require ultralights to have any proof of airworthiness. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the ultralight is safe to fly.”

The FAA was notified about the crash. It was unclear as of press time if a report was taken by the federal agency.

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