Saturday, February 27, 2016

Plane forced to divert to Sarajevo and five drunk passengers arrested after they stole alcohol from the service trolley and abused cabin crew

  • The Pegasus Airlines flight was en route to Rome from Istanbul, Turkey
  • The group's behaviour on board forced captain to divert to Sarajevo
  • After landing, border police entered cabin and arrested the five 

Five drunk passengers were kicked off a flight after they stole food and alcohol from the service trolley.

The group were travelling on a Pegasus Airlines flight from Istanbul to Rome when the captain was forced to divert to Sarajevo.

Once the aircraft landed, police entered the cabin and arrested the five. They are also believed to have insulted crew members during the journey. 

'The plane made an unscheduled landing at Sarajevo airport,' a border police spokeswoman told AFP.

'Police arrested five passengers, Turkish nationals, who were visibly under the influence of alcohol,' spokeswoman Sanela Dujkovic added.

The passengers allegedly insulted the crew, took liquor without permission and refused to pay for it, she said.

Local media reported that fans of Galatasaray, playing later the same day in Rome in the 16th final leg of Europa League against Lazio, were on board. However, police could not confirm the information.

After the evacuation the plane continued its flight to Rome. 

The five passengers will be kept under police surveillance at the airport and returned to Istanbul on Friday, the spokeswoman said.