Thursday, December 24, 2015

Aircraft Flight Instructor Wanted: Build time, have aircraft and fuel at Chandler Municipal Airport (KCHD), Maricopa County, Arizona

Need a flight instructor for my son. If you want to build time and work with your other students in my plane then let's talk.

His previous instructor (Tim) was scamming me to build time and my son has over 50 hrs of flight time and he (Tim the instructor) still will not release him for solo. Yea, I know. I am an ATP with over 20,000 hrs and flew with him on 2 flights for over 3 hours and 35+ landings and he never had a bad one and I never had to take the aircraft from him. 

I am interested in someone that can get him his private license. I have a Beech Buccaneer, 145 HP, manual flaps, fixed gear, that is bomb proof machine and can be used with other students of the instructor with some restrictions but bring me your ideas. It is also usable for transport with my son getting dual-time if covering gas and maintenance or whatever works, but we can talk. 

My son is 18 a Senior on the honor roll at ASU Prep and wants to go into the flying career and get his bachelor's degree from ASU. Plane is located at Chandler Airport (CHD) and all maintenance, fees, and AD's are current. Plane is VFR with single stack VHF and VOR and has Garmin 396 mountable available. Burn is 10/8 gal/hr in the pattern/cruise and no swaks. 

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