Thursday, July 31, 2014

6th Annual Wings and Wheels takes off at Ingalls Field Airport (KHSP) on Saturday

Wings and Wheels offers a lot of high flying fun this Saturday in a beautiful location.  It’s held at Ingalls Field, where the elevation is almost 3,800 feet.  It’s the highest public use general aviation airport east of the Mississippi and it provides a unique location for all of the activities.

Becky Skidmore, the Airport Manager at Ingalls Field, organizes the air show for Wings and Wheels.

“We have Tiger Airshows coming and they have a dueling act,” says Skidmore.  “They have two aircraft, a smoke ring generator and they have a competition to see who can get to go through the smoke rings.  And then the winner of that, it’s actually a surprise what’s going to happen after that.  And then we have an AT-6.  I think it’s a World War II  military aircraft that was for training purposes, but he’s going to be doing a solo performance.”

And several planes will be on display.  There will also be a skydiving team, plane acrobatics and Tony Royal will be there with his L-29 Jet.

“It’s a trainer jet that resembles a MIG, like a Russian type of military jet,” says Skidmore.  “He’s going to be doing low passes throughout the day and he’s also going to be a static display.”

Wings and Wheels will also feature a parachute jump for charity to raise money for the Bath County Christmas Mother.   You can vote with your donations and whoever receives the highest number of dollars donated will make the jump.  The contestants are Mark Nelson, Director of Bath County Parks and Recreation, Ashton Harrison, Bath’s County Administrator and Melinda Hooker, Band Director at Bath County High School.     

“I’m looking forward to seeing the jets because I love things that are really loud and fast,” says Skidmore.   “I’m really interested in who gets the jump for charity because I think that’s going to be funny.”

Also this year there will be more activities for children.  There will be carnival and arcade games, rides, rock climbing and bouncy houses along with plenty of food, music and vendors.

And the wheels in Wings and Wheels is a car show where you can vote for the People’s Choice and Kid’s Choice award winners.   And also new this year, a stunt motorcycle team, the 540 Boyz, will take to the runway to perform.

“There really isn’t anything around this area that brings so many different factors,” says Skidmore.  “You have the car people and then the car people like to come to car shows.  But then when they go to a car show, but gosh you know, we walk around and look at the cars.  But then when you throw some planes in there that are doing flips, you know, it’s entertaining.”

Wings and Wheels is Saturday, August 2, from noon to 6 at Ingalls Field in Hot Springs. Admission is $5 per person, $3 for ages 12 and under and it’s free for ages 3 and under.    

You can get more information on Wings and Wheels at, or by calling 540-839-7202.

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