Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Positive Altitude Event Gets Kids Excited about Flying

MATHER-  Hundreds of students climbed aboard dozens of planes at a Positive Altitude event.

The California Capital Airshow uses the event to inspire students and introduce them to the world of aviation.

“The whole idea is to show a whole other generation that you can go up and fly, you can have an airplane. There are a lot of careers available in aviation,” Tony Wright, a pilot, said.

Two dozen of the kids at Sunday’s event won an essay contest and got the chance to head up into the skies and fly a plane.

“This isn’t just a joy ride. They get to learn the parts of the airplane, and fly the airplane,” Darcy Brewer, Executive Director of the California Capital Airshow said.

“It’s actually quite easy to fly. You just have to learn all the parts inside it, and you have to get used to it,” Yelena Pavles, a student, told FOX40.

Organizers hope that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will motivate the students for a lifetime.

Story and video: http://fox40.com

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