Friday, February 28, 2014

Key West Seaplanes® Miami to Key West Flights- New Custom Options Announced

Key West, FL (PRWEB) February 28, 2014 

Key West Seaplanes® Miami to Key West Flights now feature even more custom options. Key West Seaplanes® continues their custom approach to its exclusive charters with addition of extended sightseeing options on all flights.

Key West Seaplanes® pilot Julie Ann Floyd excitedly shares, "Due to the overwhelming positive reactions that we have been having from our passengers in regard to how beautiful the sightseeing is on all of our flights, we are now offering the option to extend any flight at the time the charter is booked." Floyd adds, "Though we do include low-level aerial sightseeing on all flights for no additional charge we have repeatedly seen that passengers love being in the air so much that they wish to just keep flying!"

The premier seaplane company, Key West Seaplanes® was formed in 2009 and has been flying Miami to Key West via seaplane charter (and also airplane charter) for a number of years. The company offers passengers the greatest flexibility in their departure points in and around the Miami area.

Pilot Floyd shares, "Our seaplanes come to you. So, if you are arriving via a large commercial carrier into Miami International (MIA), then your seaplane meets you right at Miami International. If you are flying into Opa Locka (OPF) via private jet then your seaplane meets you jet-side. And, if you live near Tamiami (TMB) and want the most convenience then your seaplane meets you at Tamiami. There are many other land-based options as well. Our seaplanes are amphibious so we land on water and also on land". Floyd continues to say, "Of course, there are many water-based departure options as well that include Watson Island Seaplane Base near Miami's South Beach, Fisher Island and if you live on the water elsewhere then chances are we will be able to pick you up at your private dock or beach."

Key West Seaplanes® also services all the Florida mainland, all The Bahamas and Caribbean as well as all The Florida Keys. Floyd informs readers, "We also commonly fly our seaplanes on routes such as seaplanes from Fort Lauderdale to Key West, Boca Raton to Key West and Naples to Key West. Other great options are flying in our seaplanes Miami to Bimini and other islands of The Bahamas and Caribbean."

Key West Seaplanes® routinely appears in publications such as Florida Travel and Life, FLYING Magazine, Water Flying Magazine and Departures Magazine which is the exclusive publication for American Express' Platinum members. Key West Seaplanes® rescue also recently made the national news waves after they rescued a pilot who made a forced water landing in an airplane that was equipped only with wheels when his engine failed. This event led to the company receiving accolades from the FAA, Coast Guard and Air Traffic Control. Key West Seaplanes to Islamorada was also featured on the Travel Channel's Key West/Seaplane Trip Flip Ocean Adventures episode this past year. The company also flew celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito via seaplane to Little Palm Island's SoBeWFF dinner event just last week. Key West Seaplanes® was also a sponsor of the event.

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