Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yahoo snapping Canberra with low-flying plane

A Cessna-206 aircraft seen flying around Canberra over the last week is doing 3D-mapping work for Yahoo, according to police. 

ACT Policing received a number of calls over the weekend, from people who reported seeing the low-flying light plane cruising around the city.

Police released a tweet addressing residents concerns early on Sunday, based on information they'd gained from aircraft control towers:

Monash resident Richard Tuffin said he was at home on Monday morning when he heard the buzzing overhead.

"At first I thought it was like a dash eight just flying over-head, from Qantas or Virgin, but then I heard it pass three or four times," he said.

Mr Tuffin managed to snap a picture as the plane flew overhead.

"There’s obviously a bit of paranoia around at the moment about spy-planes and the NSA," he said. "So there was a little bit of interest about it."


Police say the Cessna seen flying over Canberra is doing 3D-mapping work for Yahoo.
 Photo: Richard Tuffin

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