Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maharashtra departments may not move into Air India building

After the state bid for leasing out a portion of Air India building premises to shift some of the offices of the state government, the state seems to have now lost hope.

The state had bid for as much as 1.08lakh sqft in floors of the premises in May, but since there was no response from Air India, the state PWD seems to have given up hope of renting out the premises. This means that the state will have to find an alternative to shift some of the offices, while the carry out renovation of the lower floors and the annexe.

“The state had offered a bid of Rs200 per sqft and it was the lowest bidder. The other bidder was found to be ineligible. So, the only bidder was the state. Air India should have got back to us, but they have not... We  believe they are not happy with the price quoted by us. So, they would want to get a better rent for their premises,” said a state official.

“In fact SBI has rented out the premises in the building at a higher rate – about 300 a sqft. Air India must be expecting a bid close to that. All they could have done is set a reserve price and we would have bid accordingly,” said a state government official.

The decision to lease out of the premises started after Air India decided to move its headquarters from Mumbai to New Delhi. After the Mantralaya building caught fire in 2012, the state had to renovate the Mantralaya building. Some of its offices were shifted to World Trade Centre. Offices on the ground and first three floors will have to be vacated now as work of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floors will be completed by December end.


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