Sunday, April 07, 2013

Two Dominican Air Force crew die in air show crash

Santo Domingo.- Two Dominican Air Force crew died after their Pillan plane stalled and crashed around 3pm during a maneuver with one of three aircraft taking part in an air show Sunday afternoon, amid horrified spectators.

The Chilean-made plane went down around 500 meters south from the shore of Santo Domingo’s Malecon, near the Hotel Santo Domingo, and according to witnesses, sank in less than one minute after hitting the water and crumpling its wings.

The plane's registry number is reportedly FAD11807.

Air Force general Ramon M. Hernandez identified the pilots as Second lieutenants Rafael Eduardo Sanchez,27, and Carlos Manuel Guerrero, 25.

He said the area of the crash is "quite deep."

John Vargas, the show's  organizer, confirmed that the two bodies had been recovered.

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