Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No one was injured after the mid air emergency due to mechanical problems: Parafield Airport, South Australia

Photo: The Cessna 402 carrying five people was forced to make an emergency landing after a mechanical failure.

A light aircraft with five people on board has landed safely at Parafield Airport in Adelaide's north after a reported mechanical failure. 

The Cessna 402 departed this morning carrying four passengers from security company Chubb.

A short time later, the pilot reported a problem with the aircraft's landing gear.

Emergency services rushed to the scene as the plane, which was built in 1974, circled the airport for about an hour.

The pilot was able to operate the landing gear and the aircraft touched down without incident just after midday.

A police spokesman says it is believed the warning indicator light for the plane's landing gear was broken but investigations are continuing.

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