Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No Airport Restrictions on East Hampton-Bound Helicopters Yet

In response to complaints about noise from area residents, the East Hampton Town Board has been collecting data on helicopter traffic at East Hampton Airport. This might eventually result in applying to the Federal Aviation Administration for restrictions on chopper traffic. Aviation consultants briefed the board about airport issues yesterday. The next step is to compile the data, figure out what specific problems exist, and how they can be fixed. "Solutions could include creating a 'slot system' where only a fixed number of helicopters could fly in per hour on the weekend, limiting hours at the airport or creating a requirement that helicopters fly at a certain altitude." 

Rest easy, well-heeled whirlybird passengers. The town doesn't have the money to compile the data anyway! Estimated cost is up to $500,000. "'That's wonderful,' Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson said. 'Where are we going to get the $500,000?'"

· Process Could Lead To Helicopter Restrictions At East Hampton Airport, Consultants Tell Board [27east]

Laura Euler


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