Sunday, September 09, 2012

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, C-GLGJ: Plane crash survivor's family awaits hospital transfer - Accident occurred August 13, 2012 in Peachland - Canada


The family of a plane crash survivor say their loved one has been stranded in Kelowna by the BC Ambulance Service. 

Last month, a Piper PA Comanche aircraft crashed near Kelowna with four people on board. Two people were killed in the crash.

Survivor Vincent Hannay suffered severe head trauma in the crash and has been in Kelowna General Hospital for nearly a month.

His uncle Rick Hannay says the family has been waiting weeks for him to be transferred to Vancouver General Hospital.

"My sister has been living in a motel near the hospital and it's been getting very discouraging because we've been expecting Vincent to be transferred to VGH at least two weeks ago."

Gavin Wilson with Vancouver Coastal Health says because Hannay has been receiving treatment in Kelowna, patients across the province that require emergency help take priority.

"We can certainly sympathize with the family that they'd want to see that transfer happen sooner," Wilson said. "We're doing our best to make it happen as soon as we could. In this instance it took longer than we'd like, and we apologize for that."

The BC Ambulance Service says it's been busy across the province, and it's not clear when Hannay will be transferred.

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