Friday, August 03, 2012

Farmer fed up with crop duster, fires shotgun

EDGAR, Wisconsin - An Edgar man says he was fed up with a low-flying crop duster when he fired his shotgun to send a message to the pilot. Now he’s facing a Disorderly Conduct Charge. 

Louis Olson tells NewsChannel 7 the plane was passing less than 30 feet above his house, and spooking his cattle. He told deputies the plane even went under some power lines, and says it wasn’t the first time.

Louis called 911 to try to report the plane, but a dispatcher told him that without a tail number, they couldn’t help him.

That’s when Louis says he told the dispatcher he’d shoot the plane down to get his tail number. He says he didn’t shoot at the plane, but fired a shotgun into his field.

Louis tells NewsChannel 7 he overreacted, but says he’s glad he got law enforcement’s attention about his problems with the plane.

No word yet on whether deputies have identified the pilot.

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