Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fairfield, New Jersey: New Flight School Takes Wing, With Fischer Aviation, Lands Eclectic Array of Student Pilots - Essex County Airport (KCDW), Caldwell

Tom Fischer, certified flight instructor and owner/operator of Fischer Aviation in Fairfield, with one of his Piper Cherokee airplanes from the flight school's fleet. Credits: Fischer Aviation 

For more information about flight training with Fischer Aviation, contact Jodi Fischer at or (973) 575-1900, or visit

Caryn Starr-Gates
The Alternative Press
 July 10, 2012

When an airplane mechanic’s nine-year-old daughter wanted to take flying lessons, her father thought of only one certified flight instructor he would trust to teach his child: Tom Fischer, owner of Fischer Aviation in Fairfield. N.J. In fact, Fischer’s skills as a flight instructor bring him a wide array of students including several teens, first-timers, and seasoned pilots seeking to improve their flying skills.

Operated by Fischer and his wife Jodi, Fischer Aviation opened in March 2012 and continues a family tradition. Fischer’s uncles ran the original Fischer Aviation in the 1960s and 1970s at Teterboro Airport; the younger Fischer grew up around airplanes and had his first lesson from his father at age 12.  Jodi, who has known her husband since their teen years, said Tom always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Today, he is a sought-after flight instructor who holds several advanced certifications, has more than  6,000 hours of flight time (most of that teaching student pilots) and a majority of students—70%—traveling to Fischer Aviation from New York City to study with him.

A Passion for all Things Aviation

“We stand out because of three main reasons,” said Fischer, “the quality of our staff, our instructors, and our fleet.” He noted that most other flight schools hire newly licensed instructors who only teach to gain enough hours to go on to the commercial airlines, but that he is a career flight instructor with one goal in mind: to develop the next generation of pilots. He will only hire others who are equally dedicated to the development of their students.

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