Friday, July 27, 2012

Final Report of BAE Hawker 800B Crash RA-02807

Google Translator;  Final cause of crash of S-Air of RA-02807 a British Aerospace BAe-125-800B
Accident occurred October 2009, final report released July 2012. Location of crash; Minsk, Belarus.  Photo of RA-02807  photos and video from crash site.  Google translator as follows;

The Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee completed its investigation of the accident with the aircraft BAe-125-800B RA-02807 JSC "C-Air" in the Minsk-2 airport Belarus 26.10.09.

The cause of the crash BAe-125-800B RA-02807 when the approach procedure ILS system (ILS), at night, in weather conditions that meet ICAO CAT I, was the failure to take timely action on the crew missed, or alternate, reduced out of sight landmarks below the decision height for the transition to visual flight, as well as the lack of appropriate response and action required when the repeated alarm early warning system for approaching land (TAWS), which led to the collision of aircraft with obstacles (forest) and land in a controlled flight (CFIT), its destruction and death of people on board.

Contributing factors were:

- Deficiencies in the type of retraining and training of the crew to fly, especially in the use of automatic flight modes, and of director;

- Erroneous actions of the crew commander, led to the implementation of the approach is wrong with the ILS frequency set on the left set;

- Lack of preparation to the commander of the Sun approach in weather conditions that meet CAT I ICAO. The values ​​of the meteorological conditions under which was confirmed by meteorological conditions, in most cases have been falsified;

- Poor communication in the crew and resource management (CRM) of the FAC;

- Poor control of the level of training of the crew of the airline's management and lack of organization in the airline's flight operations, the Commission identified Rosaviation after the accident;

- Psychological features of the pilots, crew unaccounted for in the formation and, possibly, decreased performance commander of the Armed Forces in a stressful situation because of his chronic coronary heart disease with severe koronarosklerozom, which was not detected during the passage of VLEK.  91 page pdf final report released July 2012

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