Saturday, July 21, 2012

Akron, Ohio: Low-Flying Plane Spotted, Concerned Residents Call Police

Low-flying plane creates buzz in Akron area 

A low-flying plane buzzing along rooftops in Summit County prompted a flurry of calls to local police departments.

A plane doing stunt-like maneuvers was reported flying in the area around 7 p.m. Friday.

Copley Township Police Chief Mike Mier said his officers observed what appeared to be a stunt plane flying low and performing maneuvers along the Copley-Fairlawn border.

At one point, Mier said, something fell out of the plane — prompting numerous calls to 911 from witnesses who thought someone had jumped out of the aircraft and may have been hurt.

Mier said officers found pieces of fabric and two cans of Pledge furniture polish in the parking lot of the Aldi’s store on South Cleveland-Massillon Road that witnesses said came from the plane. No one was injured on the ground.

The chief said it appears the stuff may have fallen out of the aircraft by accident during one of its maneuvers.

A check of area airports, Mier said, turned up no clues about the plane. Airport operators told authorities that a small plane flying at lower altitudes would not always file a flight plan with local towers.

The plane also was sighted buzzing the skyline in downtown Akron.

Anyone with information about the aircraft is asked to call Copley police at 330-666-4218.


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