Thursday, June 07, 2012

Gulfstream Turbo Commander: New Mexico Governor Martinez sells another state plane

The state's air fleet is now down to three craft with the sale announced today of a 1983 Gulfstream Turbo Commander.

Jerry Gay of Santa Fe bought the plane for $575,000, according to a statement from the New Mexico General Services Department.

The sale completes the reduction in the air fleet from eight craft as ordered by Gov. Susana Martinez , the statement added.

The GSD, State Police and Department of Game and Fish now operate one fixed-wing aircraft each with State Police also flying a helicopter.

The sale announced Thursday completes a reduction in the number of airplanes owned by the State from eight to three since Governor Susana Martinez took office.

Last summer, Governor Martinez announced the sale of a 2005 Cessna Citation Bravo executive jet for $2.5 million

. In April, the General Services Department sold a 1976 Beechcraft King Air, which hadn’t been flown in almost five years, for $245,000.

“Today’s sale represents the final disposal needed to create a more efficient aircraft fleet,” Governor Martinez said in a release Thursday.

“Trimming the number of aircraft to three makes more sense than continuing to pay for hangar space and maintenance when our usage has been quite limited.”

State Police use a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle fixed-wing aircraft and an Agusta 109E helicopter.

The Department of Game and Fish flies a 2009 Vulcanair Observer.

Last fall, State Police sold a 1979 Cessna Skymaster and a 2007 Adam A500.


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