Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Experimental Aircraft Association helps Hobby Field Airport (77S) runway painting project

Members of the Creswell Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) took advantage of some nice fall weather recently by volunteering their time to help restripe the runway, taxiways and tie downs at the Creswell Airport.

The EAA took on this project after the airport was shut down for a couple of days while construction was being done on the airport’s new Automatic Weather Observance System (AWOS). The work required the contractor to bore a hole under the runway to install a conduit and wiring to the AWOS.

According to EAA President Gary Ludeke, the entire runway was hand-swept with push brooms before the painting began, and then a day was spent painting the runway and another two days were spent painting the taxiways and tie-downs.

Ludeke said Airport Manager Shelley Humble approached him to see if the EAA would be willing to take on this project while the runway was closed. Ludeke said the EAA and its pilots took on the project to try and save the community money by volunteering their time. He noted that most airports award contracts for this type of work to be done.

“The pilots take on various projects to try and keep the costs down,” Ludeke said. “We painted the thresholds, exit lines, and tie-downs. There is more we can still do. We did all the stuff that we thought was most important.”

Ludeke noted that thousands of square feet were repainted by EAA members and pilots in a matter of three days. EAA members that assisted in the project were Jim Beale, Bill Dewey, Tom Cunningham, Charlie Walker and Ludeke.

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