Thursday, July 19, 2012

Malmesbury wingwalker to perform at Best of British Show

Malmesbury woman Danielle Hughes will be walking on the wings at the Best of British Show at Cotswolds Airport on August 27, climbing around the Boeing Stearman aircraft as it loops and rolls through the sky. 

 Former Malmesbury School student,  Danielle, 23, said: "I wanted to become a wing lady since I was six years old. I have been walking the wings for six years now, enjoying every second and feeling very excited to perform at the Best of British Show."

The world’s only formation wingwalking display team is renowned for dazzling spectators at events throughout the UK and Europe.

Painted in their striking orange Breitling livery, the 1940s Stearman biplanes will roar through the skies at speeds of up to 160mph above the Cotswolds Airport, Kemble, as the wingwalkers climb around the aircraft and perform handstands against the wind pressure while waving to the crowd below.

Miss Hughes, who also has a pilot’s licence and hopes to become a military pilot in the future, will be taking her family to watch her perform at the airshow including her mother Kathryn, and father and brother, both called Joe.

Miss Hughes' favourite manouevre is the ‘Cockpit Lady’ pass towards the end of the display where the daring wingwalkers leave the safety of their static harness and climb down to stand in front of the pilots windscreen balancing on one leg and holding on with one arm before getting back in to the cockpit. 


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